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"Gloria was, and still is, instrumental in helping position our company for growth as we emerge from the recession."

Ian Hill | Co-Founder | SeQuential Biofuels

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Drive Change to Increase Business Value

Companies face numerous changes and challenges through stages of startup, growth, reorganization, and succession. Leaders must take time to reassess, strategize, and capture opportunities that might otherwise pass by. Fulcrum Drive facilitates strategic discussions among your team so you:

  • Examine your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Explore ways to maximize customer value, improve margins and profits.
  • Develop marketing plans to reach customers with your differentiating message.
  • Work through difficult choices and differing views.
  • Formulate plans to increase business value.

As strategies evolve Fulcrum Drive models financial projections to help you visualize outcomes of various choices. Advisors guide you through implementation, help you measure performance against plan, and adapt.

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Gloria Sica

Gloria Sica