Gloria Sica

The woman behind the drive

Hi, I’m Gloria Sica, the woman behind the drive.

Early in my career I realized I was not a big company girl. Instead, I thrive on the challenge and rewards of entrepreneurship. Helping innovators and risk takers pursue their dreams, build business value, and reap the returns of success.

I grew up in Connecticut, number five of six children. College wasn’t a given, but a personal goal I was driven to achieve. Before moving to Oregon I completed my associate’s degree in accounting. Ventured west with a high school friend. Enrolled at Oregon State where I completed my bachelor’s degree in operations management and graduate classes in marketing, accounting, and finance. 

Throughout my career I garnered more and more first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Starting as a bookkeeper and then progressing through vocational program consultant for chronically mentally ill, business manager for university press, accountant for field data collection software developer, sales manager for a bar-code system developer, general manager for CAD & process control firm, and business developer for an inkjet product development company. Creating value and gaining experience all along the way.

In addition to consulting, I am an instructor for the Interise Streetwise MBA program and frequently judge business plan presentations at University of Portland, Center for Entrepreneurship.

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